Want to get your time back? It's time to get The Butler!

Why hello there,

I can tell that you’re frightfully busy, but if I could have just a fleeting moment of your time, I’m sure it will help you have a lot more time for yourself.

You see, as your personal butler, I exist to take care of you. From helping you come home to a house that’s sparkling clean, to ensuring your beloved pets are walked, your car is serviced, and your pantry is full—you tell me what you need, and I’ll say ‘indeed’.

No task is too hard—and despite my spiffy appearance, you might find I’m less dear than you’d expect.

How may I serve you today?


How I Work


Home Cleaning

Get your house spic and span,
with our regular, spring, or
end-of-lease cleaning services.

Laundry & Dry-cleaning

Stay dapper or divine, with our
folding, pressing, ironing or
dry-cleaning services.


Does your hedge need trimming? We’ve got a selection of garden services to keep your place well pruned


Need a stand-in best friend for yours? Our Butlers are ready to walk, groom and feed them.


Keep your wheels rollin’ with our classic approach to servicing, cleaning or caring for your car.

Personal Care

With help from your personal Butler, we can set up your bookings with local hairdressers, salons and beauticians.

Why hire me, Bertie?

Well, you see, I don’t mean to boast, but I’m rather good at getting things done. In just the press of a button I can make sure your shirts are dry-cleaned, your house is spic and span, your groceries are delivered, or your car is serviced..

Unlike other service apps, the longer you use The Butler, the more I get to know you, and the more tailored your service becomes.

Once we’re well acquainted, I can help make your life even easier. For instance, we can set regular reminders to book hairdressing appointments, and I can let you know when there are special offers in your area.

Modern life can be exhausting. You deserve a butler to help lighten your load—and if you’ll have me, it’d be my honour to serve you.

Book your personal Butler today, at a price that’ll make you say: by Jeeves!

PS: If you think you’ve got what it takes to take exceptional care of people, like me, why not consider becoming a butler yourself. To find out if you meet the standards, please click on the button below.

About Us


How does The Butler work?

The Butler is a personalised App which brings together the best service people from across the metro area, to create a comprehensive and convenient service that takes care of your individual or family’s needs.

From domestic chores, to caring for your car or pets, our service platform links you to service providers who don’t just meet our standards, but are reviewed by you—the user.

Convenient and intuitive, as our App gets to know you, our service only improves. We can link you to local offers, or even set regular services or appointments, so you can set and forget, knowing everything’s taken care of.

Our friendly Butler Bertie, will help to make sure all your services are being done to a standard you’re happy with; he’ll take on board your feedback, and even make suggestions to help make your life even easier. Best of all, by connecting you to a range of service providers, we’re helping you get great value. As a valued customer of ours, you’ll feel truly taken care of—in a way that only a Butler can.

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